Yesterday, the mustang went to the speed shop in Cambridge, Maryland.

I put the car on the trailer and towed it over to the shop. I spoke to Russ, owner of the speed shot at length of what I wanted to accomplish. Together, based on my performance needs, we decided that the Coyote V8 with a supercharger would fix great under the hood with a Heidt front end that would allow me to remove the shock towers. Without towers, there is an impressive amount of space for a wide engine, such as the Coyote.

We’ll also put a Heidt independent rear end on it to hold it to the ground nicely when my foot gets heavy.

Next steps are to order the parts and wait for shipping. When they arrive, the crew will get start tearing the current front end apart in favor of the new. Lots of panel work to be sone as well such as the floor, all four quarters and the roof. The car will be put on a rotisserie to spray the underneath with plastikote.

Excited!!! More news to come.

Mustang Image 1 PHOTO 2020-09-16: Mustang Image 1

Mustang Image 2 PHOTO 2020-09-16: Mustang Image 2

Mustang Image 3 PHOTO 2020-09-16: Mustang Image 3

Mustang Image 4 PHOTO 2020-09-16: Mustang Image 4

Mustang Image 5 PHOTO 2020-09-16: Mustang Image 5