Today, I was feeling agitated so I got up from my desk for a bike ride during lunch.

I got my bike out of the garage and noticed it needed some air in the tires. So, I got out my new, handy-dandy tire pump. It’s cool because it has a target setting. Let’s say you want to pump your tires to 40 pounds - the gauge on pump can be set to “40” and the pump will automatically pump to 40 pounds and shut off. Once complete, you just need to hit the power switch and put it away.

The Fountain PHOTO 2020-08-06: The front fountain

I then started my ride. I left the driveway and headed up to the front of the neighborhood. I wanted to see if the storm clean-up dumpster was dropped off at the rally point for the community. When I rode around the corner, I noticed the dumpster was not in place at 12:30 PM EST. According to HOA leadership, the dumpster was to be dropped off today. Hopefully, the dumpster will make its way here but we had an issue with the community builder as they did not want the dumpster on their empty, unused lot. Their lot is their lot but it’s a large lot that isn’t being used at the moment for the short-term request for housing the dumpster.

Pond 1 PHOTO 2020-08-06: Pond 1

I continued to the front of the neighborhood and noticed the pond was up and running. The front pond has a feature spout that jets water during the day. It has a time that turns it off after hours (dark I think). Riding the remainder of the front portion was nice. The birds were chirping and the breeze was light and refreshing.

Pond 2 PHOTO 2020-08-06: Pond 2

I got to the neighborhood’s midpoint and rode to the absolute back of the community. The overall length of the neighborhood is roughly a mile and a half. We currently have 172 houses in the community with about a dozen lots remaining.

Riding back to my street, I turned to the right so as to ride to the back of the community again to the cul-de-sac. The cul-de-sac nears the run-off of the Broadkill River. The river is brackish and can be very shallow. The mud is especially exposed when the tide is low. Many creatures appear at low tide, including many bugs and mosquitos.

Pond 3 PHOTO 2020-08-06: Pond 3

I finally made my way home and pulled into the driveway. It was a relaxing ride and I was able to clear my head to finish the work day. Being that the temperature is cooler today, I am temped to take another ride with my daughter when the work day is done.