Ever try to export your Drupal configuration using Drush (i.e. $: drush cex) and then try to push your code upstream but Git is telling you that your repository is up to date?


The ‘config’ directory by default in Drupal 8 is under the /sites/< site dir >/files/ path. Unfortunately, the “files” directory is excluded from Git in your webroot’s “.gitignore” file – this includes your recursive directories (like the “config” directory).


Simply place the “config” directory in your “/sites/” directory, which is one level higher than the “files” directory. Be sure to also change the Drupal 8 “config” path in the settings.php file.

Once the above steps are complete, run Drush Config Export ($: drush cex) again and then check your Git status (i.e. $: git status). You will notice that Git is now tracking your config changes in your repository.

Have a better method than this? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!!