The next project is going to involve making a table top for a stump that we have in our backyard. recently, we had a tree cut down and asked the arborist to leave about a four foot stomp. The stomp is in a great location for a table. The idea being that we would add a table top to the stump to use as a common party table.

We’ll start by creating a table top roughly eight feet in diameter. We will make it round and have a solid base color. We will do a flood coat of epoxy on that base and then sand it to give it good adhesion. We will then add a pallet of colors that will be in a random river and vein pattern. Once that has had a chance to cure, we will sand it once again to smooth out any texture and to also ready the surface.

We’ll finish by giving it a final clear coat. Once that’s done, we will put it on the stump and enjoy it for years to come… At least that’s the plan. More to come in a later post.

The Epoxy Stump Table