I bought this mini split air conditioning system for my garage last fall. it was easy enough to install and everything was working fine. I noticed an issue when I started using the air conditioner when I started to get a little warmer this spring.

Seeing as how I have not used the air conditioner, I was curious to see that everything was going to be okay. The temperature was around 80° so I thought I’d be a perfect opportunity to turn on the air. I set the air conditioning to 72° and went out in the yard to do some work.

I came back about an hour later to check on the air conditioner to see how he was doing. I noticed that the garage was slightly cooler and it was doing its job. However, when I look closer I noticed there was some condensation. I am aware that when mini splits have a clogged waterport, they have a knack for leaking.

So I quickly turned off the unit and open the lower compartment where a bunch of water poured out.

What didn’t make sense is that it is a fairly new unit and the drain hose hasn’t had enough time to collect debris. when I looked closer at the drain hose, I noticed it was pinched from installation.

I pulled the unit from the wall and rearrange the drain hose as well as did a better job taking the collection. Once the drain hose was resettled in re-taped, I put everything back together. I ran the unit a bit more and the leak had gone away.

Time for Coors Light!

Water Leak With Mini-Split