All you can do is try. If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed and you’ll never lose. Succeeding and losing are the two greatest experiences of your life outside of family and faith. Succeeding lets you know that you can always do better. Losing reminds you how sweet it is to succeed.

The ability to succeed and lose must exist hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other. If all you do is succeed, it will lose its luster. Just like losing turns everything gray and keeps it gray. Confucius once told us that it doesn’t matter if we lose, it’s how we rise when we lose.

The most important part is to try. Without trying, you’ll never know how to lose and you’ll never know how to succeed. Trying defines us. Through attrition, the number of times we try along with our ability to learn makes our succession better with practice.

Trying something with the same process and yielding the same results some say is lunacy. While that may be true, trying something new is the brevity of success. The first leap, the first risk, the first walk in the dark and the first moment of trust puts us on the path to great things, utilizing our succession and loss.

To get to the very high and to get to the very low, one has to take the first step. To bravely walk into that unknown. In simpler terms, you only need to try.