• Optimize Drupal for Local Development

    Community best practices on how to prepare your local environment for Drupal development.

  • VS Code Virtualized In Browser On Remote Server

    Explains how to setup a virtual VS Code IDE on a remote server.

  • Drupal 8: How To Setup Two-Factor Authentication

    This tutorial will show you how to have two-factor authentication setup in let than five minutes.

  • Composer: How to require an alpha/beta

    A quick tutorial that shows you how to require an alpha or beta Drupal module.

  • 2017 Yamaha FX SVHO: Spark Plug Change

    How to easily change spark plugs on a 2017 Yamaha FX SVHO.

  • Helpful Links

    A few links that are helpful to developers doing repetitive tasks.

  • WinSCP: How to change password after login

    Some users need to change their username in a secure environment for elevated access. For example, user1 needs root access but is not allowed to login with root. This post show how to do this with WinSCP on an Ubuntu Server.

  • Mustang Update: Ride Height Set

    The suspension has been completely fitted and the rear end is done.

  • Mustang Update: Rear Suspension Being Installed

    The Heidts Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) is being installed.

  • Mustang Update: All metal work is done

    All welding and body work is complete!

  • GitLab: How to fork you own repository

    This article shows how to fork your own repository on Gitlab. This will work with GitHub and Bitbucket.

  • Mustang Update

    The car has been in the shop for about two months now. A lot of work has been done. Most of the rear bodywork has been replaced in the front and has been stripped and rebuilt as well. The rear quarter panels, trunk lid and other parts have been replaced. The floor pans have been cut out and replaced as well.

  • How to install MCRYPT on UBUNTU with PHP Version 7.3

    Need to know how to install MCRYPT on UBUNTU with PHP Version 7.3? This is how…

  • Mustang Update: The 67 is at the performance shop

    Yesterday, the mustang went to the speed shop in Cambridge, Maryland.

  • NEW: Karma Flight Playlist Added!

    I added my GoPro Karma Flight Playlist to my blog. Checkout the top, right corner and see the link for The Karma Flight Playlist.

  • 2004 Crown Victoria: LED hyper-flash fixed with resistor install

    I removed the incandescent lights from my blinker/parking lights of my 2004 Crown Vic and replaced them with LEDs - but they blink too fast!

  • The Broadkill River

    An early ride from Lewes, Delaware to Milton, Delaware on the Broadkill River. The ride is about 24 miles and takes almost an hour (with “no wake” zones”). The river is most always calm and is smooth as glass in the mornings.

  • The Lower Loop

    Another first for the books! The Lower Loop can now be checked off the list!

  • Went for a bike ride at lunch

    Today, I was feeling agitated so I got up from my desk for a bike ride during lunch.

  • The Storm: Hurricane Isaias

    We had a pretty crappy storm, Hurricane Isaias, here in Delaware. Trees knocked over with other damages to homes and property.

  • Dumb Dog

    When trying to throw a biscuit at a dog and you are the receiving dog, it’s good to catch the biscuit with your teeth. Otherwise the biscuit will hit your head and thump like a melon. Buttercup is one of those dogs that sounds like a thumping cantaloupe.

  • The Upper Loop

    After riding the trip to Cape May, I decided to film The Upper Loop with my GoPro to share. The Upper Loop of the area (coined by yours truly) goes from the Lewes Public Boat Ramp, down the ocean to the Indian River Inlet and back up the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal. The entire trip takes about 3 hours and that time is mostly the slow, no-wake canal.

  • SOLVED: Composer Update/Install Not Working While Updating From Drupal 8.8.5 to 8.8.6

    To explain my environments for my clients, I have my codebase in a repository with a standard continuous integration schema and deployment process. My local environments for my Drupal websites are all running on Docksal. My production environments all run on a standard LAMP setup on a cloud machine.

  • Domain Registrar Review

    Here is a list of registrars and their current pricing when I was shopping for a domain on April 16, 2020.

  • Drupal 8 Config and Git

    Ever try to export your Drupal configuration using Drush (i.e. $: drush cex) and then try to push your code upstream but Git is telling you that your repository is up to date?

  • SOLVED: Compass Install Issues – Ubuntu

    Installing Compass via their website may result in error when installed on Ubuntu 18.

  • SOLVED: Lando and Composer Problem

    When installing a new LANDO environment from scratch and you run Composer commands with errors:

  • Thunder Over Dover

    This airshow took place at Dover AFB, Delaware on 14 SEP 2019. Static displays included the C5, C17, B29, MiG17, A10 and F22. Flyover demonstrations by P51s, F22, C5, C17 and more.

  • Happy IT Professionals Day!

    Celebrated on the third Tuesday in September, IT Professionals Day acknowledges the people who work in the IT world that keep our infrastructure running.

  • Crossing the Delaware Bay on a WaveRunner/Jet Ski

    For two years, I have been waiting to safely cross the Delaware Bay from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey. The trip was 17 miles but wanted to make sure the water was going to be safe, I did it with other riders and (most importantly) would find my way!

  • The Epoxy Stump Table

    The next project is going to involve making a table top for a stump that we have in our backyard. recently, we had a tree cut down and asked the arborist to leave about a four foot stomp. The stomp is in a great location for a table. The idea being that we would add a table top to the stump to use as a common party table.

  • Water Leak With Mini-Split

    I bought this mini split air conditioning system for my garage last fall. it was easy enough to install and everything was working fine. I noticed an issue when I started using the air conditioner when I started to get a little warmer this spring.

  • Drupal 7 Base Environment on Docker Hub

    I put a Drupal Base image on Docker Hub that sets up a correct environment for Drupal 7 and 8. Use the tag for the appropriate version of Drupal. Currently, tag/version 7 is available and tag/version 8 is on its way shortly.

  • Try

    All you can do is try. If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed and you’ll never lose. Succeeding and losing are the two greatest experiences of your life outside of family and faith. Succeeding lets you know that you can always do better. Losing reminds you how sweet it is to succeed.

  • Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

    Found this page that is a nice resource for XPath development.

  • XPath Cheatsheet

    Found this page that is a nice resource for XPath development.

  • The blog is live!

    So, I finally got around to putting my blog up. I will be posting mostly boring, programmer stuff here which, to most people, will sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking. It will be loaded with development “lessons learned” along with notable links to other in the business. I like to bookmark “how to” websites of other developers and “cool stuff” I find along the way.

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